AVON 39 Training Week 4

training avon 39This week was a little hectic because my teenager had all sorts of things going on. She is a swimmer, and with that, she had yet another swim meet. This swim meet was farther out than any of her other meets have been so I had to adjust my weekly training schedule to accommodate for the fact that I either needed to do my long walk early on Friday or find another day to do it.

I decided after the half marathon last year that it is easier on my family to complete long walks during the week while the younger kids are in preschool and the teen is at school. This helps my husband out tremendously. So, I try to complete at least one long/endurance walk during the week. Because of the teens swim meet, I moved both longer/endurance walks up to the middle of the week. So instead of performing them on Friday and Saturday, like I had been doing, I moved them to Thursday and Friday. Then I had to move the Cross Training and light 3 miles walk around too.

Pic of training
Luckily, I got all of the walks in. This week should be a lot easier–schedule wise–on me. Although, we are preparing for my son’s birthday this week so there are some projects I need to get a handle on top of my training.

I also received A LOT of donations this week. My wonderful Mother-In-law has been helping me gather donations by petitioning her very close friends. She has been a HUGE asset to my fundraising efforts. I don’t know if I could have done it without her. I received a few donations from family and friends and one donation from a dear ex-coworker who once battled breast cancer herself. Her donation meant the most to me as I am walking for her and another friend, as survivors.

I finally am getting into the audiobook for the Stephen King book IT a little more. The first few walks of this past week I was worried I was not going to enjoy this book as other Stephen King fans have but, alas, I am REALLY into it now. Having suspenseful audiobooks to listen to have made me WANT to complete my training walks just to hear what is going to happen next. I don’t listen to it any other time but while I am walking. Fun, fun.

Thanks for all that have supported my efforts thus far. If you would like to donate to my fundraising goal of $1800, please go to http://info.avon39.org/goto/cbbhattacharya.

Listening to: Audiobook-  IT by Stephen King

Total Mileage:  17.04 miles

Total training time: 5 hrs 55 mins

  • Sunday, March 13: 30-minute Cross training/HIIT
  • Monday, March 14: 15-minute recovery walk 0.77 miles
  • Tuesday, March 15: 3.1 miles FAST
  • Wednesday, March 16: 30 minutes Cross Training/HIIT
  • Thursday, March 17: 6.05 miles
  • Friday, March 18:  4.01 miles
  • Saturday, March 19: 3.07 miles

Have a wonderful week, readers. Stay tuned for my training adventures next week.

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