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5 Activities to Maximize Your Baby’s Brain Development

baby brain activities
Having a baby can be a pleasant yet mystifying time in your life, especially if you are a first-time parent. You may often wonder if you are making the right decisions for your baby.

A child’s brain goes through an enormous amount of development within the three years of life.  Because neural progression in children is important during this early phase of their lives, it is encouraged that parents foster development at this stage.

There are many activities that you can with your baby ensure optimum learning development. Some parents may find it very fascinating interacting with their infants and spending dedicated time with their baby. Nevertheless, the primary benefit gained from these activities is to support baby’s brain development. Here are five activities that you can do with your child to maximize learning and brain development.

Sensory Games. Research shows that a baby’s cognitive development skills rely on brain cells and the connections between these cells. The more connections created in the first three years of life, the more able your child will be to process information and successfully solve problems in the future. Sensory-stimulation games are useful for increasing the brain cell connections in infants and toddlers. Sensory stimulation refers to exposing your child to different stimuli that incorporate sight, sound, touch, vestibular, and smell. Vary and experiment with various activities, objects, and toys.

Storytime. Undoubtedly, there isn’t a more suitable time to inspire an appreciation of reading than from birth. The most appropriate books for infants are cloth fabric and board books that comprise of simple images or photos. Babies see high-contrast borders and patterns so choose books that have large, geometrical black and white shapes. As your baby gets older, large, colorful shapes, patterns, and photos will keep them interested. While her interest may not last long, the exposure to words will have an impact on your child’s development.

Creating Music. Giving your child the tools they need for significant cognitive development includes the gift of music. Research shows that babies who listen to classical music, even in the womb, learn faster and receive better grades in school than their peers who were not exposed to music as a baby. Playing and making music with your baby through musical toys designed to encourage development.

Baby Signing. Long before your baby speaks her first word, her motor and language skills will develop. Baby signing is an excellent activity that can help your baby communicate and develop their language and vocabulary skills. Pair words with various signs to teach and communicate with your baby better.

Movement. Give your baby periodic vestibular stimulation like rocking your baby while reading her a story or dancing with your baby while listening to music. These natural movements on our part encourages your baby’s brain development. You can also try parent guided exercise and stretching too like Mom and Baby Fitness: Yoga, Pilates, and Baby Massage.

The activities will certainly help to boost your baby’s brain development. Begin doing these with your child today and watch her curiosity for the world around her grow.



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