Avon 39 Training Week 7

training week 7Happy Sunday everyone. Well, I have some fantastic news to report. After just 40 days of training and fundraising, I have officially raised the $1800 required to participate in the 2-day walk in July! Yay! I am SO excited. But, I am not finished yet, I want to continue raising money because I believe that I WILL see a cure for breast cancer and other cancers in my lifetime. But, finding a cure does not come cheap, and that is why both Avon and Komen have these types of walks—to gain awareness and raise money for much-needed research and community education programs. So, please continue supporting my efforts by making a donation today (Donate HERE: http://info.avon39.org/goto/cbbhattacharya). I can’t thank you all enough for all the support you have shown so far. I am very lucky to have you all in my corner.Training this week was a little challenging. I am still suffering from some soreness in my right calf. I attempted to wear the Brooks Adrenaline again this week, and I am pretty sure that it is the reason for my injury and continued pain. I have never had this issue with this shoe before, but I believe it is because of the difference in the Heel-Toe Drop. This is not a defect in the shoe; it is just that I have been training in a lower drop and with my mileage increasing pretty drastically next week, I do not have time to adequately adjust to the higher drop.

So, I ended up returning them to Fleet Feet Sports, who by the way have an AWESOME return policy. They told me when I purchased these shoes that I have 60 days to try them out, and if they didn’t work out, I could return them. Since I was well within my window, I took advantage of this policy and returned the shoes. I was preparing myself for pushback (there is always “fine print”), but they were really great about it. My intention was to exchange them for the Brooks Ravenna, which I already own in an earlier model, but they didn’t have the colors I wanted, so I went ahead and ordered them from Amazon. If you have a Fleet Feet Sports near you, please support them.

This week I also decided to forgo for the rest of my training, the 15- minute recover walks on Mondays. It has always bothered me that there is not a built-in “rest day” each week for the advanced training. Last Sunday, my body really was “talking” to me telling me I needed a rest. The one thing I learned last year while half-marathon training, and this year too, is listen to your body. So, I took Monday off, and it was incredible. I feel so much better for giving my body a break.

It is a good thing I took off Monday because I had to rearrange my training days again due rain. This is quite unusual wet weather pattern that we have had in Northern California this winter and spring. But, hey, we need the rain, right?

Well, that is all I have for you for this week. Stay tuned for more stories and shenanigans from my training. Have a fantastic week!

Listening to: Audiobook-  IT by Stephen King

Total Mileage:  19.20 miles

Total training time: 7 hrs 13 mins

  • Sunday, April 2: 50 minutes cross training/yardwork
  • Monday, April 3: REST
  • Tuesday, April 4: 3 miles FAST
  • Wednesday, April 5: 8.17 miles (Endurance)
  • Thursday, April 6: 5.02 miles (Endurance)
  • Friday, April 7:  30 minutes cross training/HIIT
  • Saturday, April 8: 3 miles MODERATE

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