My Journey to the Avon 39: Training Week 8

Avon39 trainingHello, wonderful readers! I hope you had a wonderful week this past week. Things here are moving onwards and upwards regarding fundraising and training. Like I mentioned last week, I have reached my fundraising goal to allow me to participate in the Avon 39 but I am still accepting donations (Click HERE to donate now).

This week was a little hectic for me. On Monday, my teenager and I traveled to Reno, Nevada for a girls getaway to stay in the breathtaking Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (you can read my review HERE). Between the yummy food and the very relaxing spa day, I had absolutely no motivation to train on Monday and Tuesday. But, I kept my eye on the “prize” and took the opportunity Monday to get my recovery walk in via walking around the property and taking pictures and Tuesday, utilizing the beautiful fitness center. I’m glad I did because I really cannot get off course this late in the game. Please check out my review of the property coming early next week.

My training took a dramatic turn upwards this week with an increase in training mileage this week. On Friday, I completed my longest training mileage on this training schedule. Earlier in the year, before I had decided to walk in the Avon 39, I had gotten close with a nine-mile training walk (half marathon training plan) but this week took me to 10 miles followed by 6 miles.

Can I just say these back-to-back endurance days are really challenging for me. I have been following the ketogenic diet since early November 2016, and I am fat adapted (using fat as my primary fuel source during training), but I have been struggling with fatigue for the past few weeks. I am unsure if it is due to the increase in training, the diet, or a combination of both. I have been experimenting with various supplements and vitamins in hopes to find “the one” that helps me get over this proverbial hump.

During training, I am still listening to IT by Stephen King. The audiobook is over 40 hours long start to finish. I listen each time I walk because I’ve noticed that I am walking faster to spoken word than to music lately. Does this make me old? Haha! Seriously though, I can’t believe I have never read or listened to this story before now. I remember the TV movie when I was a kid but only a few parts really stuck out in my mind. Hearing the novel in its entirety, I can appreciate why die-hard Stephen King fans hated the TV movie. This is an excellent story, and it just solidifies Mr. King’s spot as my favorite author of all times. I need to find another Stephen King audiobook that I have not read (I have read a lot by him) or heard before. Which is your favorite Stephen King novel?

Well beautiful people, thank you for reading and following along on my journey to the Avon 39. Please come back next week to read more and leave a comment. If you haven’t donated yet, you can still do so on my fundraising page: http://info.avon39.org/goto/cbbhattacharya. Have a wonderful week. God Bless!


Listening to: Audiobook-  IT by Stephen King

Total Mileage:  23.95 miles

Total training time: 7 hrs 54 mins

  • Sunday, April 9: 30 minutes cross training
  • Monday, April 10: .25 miles/15 min
  • Tuesday, April 11: 3 miles FAST
  • Wednesday, April 12: 1.62 miles
  • Thursday, April 13: 3.0 miles
  • Friday, April 14: 10.05 miles (Endurance)
  • Saturday, April 15: 6.03 (Endurance)

Read the ENTIRE journey HERE!

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