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The Art of Sophistication for Moms

sophisticated momsAutumn is in full swing, and soon it will be time to attend those holiday parties.  It’s time to get in gear for a season of accomplishments ahead. Nothing says achievement better than a sophisticated woman. Whether you’ve always been a classy broad or you’re ready to up your game, to appear genuinely sophisticated this season, check out today’s tips.

Dressing the part. Fashion should be fun, but sometimes the best way to upping your style skills is by creating looks that are both smart and sophisticated. Whether you’re assembling the perfect playdate outfit or you’re headed to a holiday party, try a more grown-up approach to dressing. Try wearing finding clothes that are more structured/fitted, match your accessories, and play around with layering.

Plan ahead. Whether it’s the upcoming PTA meeting or a weekend party, sophistication starts with research. You can appear calm and collected if you plan your day the day before. Note the who, what, when, and where for the event on tomorrow’s calendar. Want to really look pulled together? Arrive at your appointment five minutes early.

The art of gifting. While it’s not required, nothing says classy like someone who arrives at a social function with a bottle of wine, a beautiful candle, or even a homemade pie. These small, clever gifts for a host can go far in creating an impression of sophistication.

Be grateful. Dust off that stashed away box of thank-you cards. A handwritten thank-you card has a great way of making someone feel appreciated. Take notice of the essential people in your life that are deserving of particular attention. Sending a handwritten thank-you card to a party host or the sender of a gift is bound to earn you a few sophistication points for kindness and consideration. 

Employ the internet. Know all your pertinent facts. Whether it’s the morning’s news or just a few details about your host’s favorite artist, knowing a few facts gives you something to talk about in social settings and helps you appear more sociable and conversant. Get in the practice of using the many resources around you, like the Internet, to gather quick facts, fun information, and significant headlines.

Put away the phone. While cell phones are a vital part of our social and professional lives, social gatherings are a time to take a break from our devices.  Focus on those you are socializing with– it’s part of the agreement when you go social gatherings that you’re there to talk to them, not your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Nothing says sophistication like someone who isn’t attached to their phone.

Table manners. While many of our ‘old fashioned’ have changed or disappeared, a sophisticated woman knows table manners are still relevant. Chew with your mouth closed, keep your elbows in and off the table, and don’t lean over your food too much.

Sophistication is can vastly improve your reputation and make you appear intelligent, polished, and feminine.