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Side Hustle: Creating a Freelance Writing Website with GoDaddy

GoCentral Side Hustle

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Right now, my teenager is at school, my two middle kids are at an enrichment program, the baby is in her cribs napping, and I’m at my dining room table updating my new GoDaddy website.

Even though I’ve been building up my brand for a few years, I can say with confidence that a beautiful freelance writing website is one of the most essential tools for getting my services out there to the world. GoDaddy has a NEW easy-to-use website builder, GoDaddy GoCentral, that is my one-stop-shop for creating my side-hustle (a flexible way to earn extra money through a hobby without quitting your job) freelance writing website. So now I can turn my passion into cash all while raising a busy family.

How I Got into Writing

Even as a young child, I knew I wanted to be a writer. After years of working in healthcare and juggling parenting and career, I soon began to find freelance writing alluring. I loved the idea of earning a full-time salary while writing part-time and working from anywhere (but mostly from my dining room table) while creating meaningful content.

I’d attempted to break into the freelance writing market years ago with little success. Then one day, I read an article that listed companies that were currently hiring new freelance writers. I quickly joined a few websites listed and applied for all available assignments. Within a few days, I was receiving invitations to write content for their health and fitness section of a popular websites. This helped open the door to my current side hustle: freelance medical writer specializing in healthcare, wellness, and fitness.

Balancing Writing and Parenting

Through the years, I have learned to adjust my schedule to incorporate writing into my day. As a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), blogger, and homeschooling mom, I’m dedicate a couple of hours a day while the kids are sleeping or out of the house to work on my freelance writer brand. Being a mom to four very busy kids ranging in age from 19 months to 17 years old while trying to make it as a freelance writer can be challenging and exciting at times, but it is never boring.GoCentral Side Hustle

Freelance writing has afforded me the opportunity to stay home with my children, contribute to my family’s finances, set my own hours, and choose jobs and projects that appeal to me within my niche.

How the GoDaddy GoCentral Helps

More and more parents are turning a hobby or passion into a side hustle to share that hobby or expertise with the world. If you’re already a mompreneur, you know how hard it is to stand out. A professional and attractive website design is the first step in launching a successful online side hustle.

Whether you’re starting a new side hustle or rebranding an existing business, you should present your visitors with an attractive website to display all your products or services. A beautifully designed website can help you appear professional and become competitive in the online or offline marketplaces.

GoCentral Side Hustle

With GoDaddy GoCentral, it’s quick and easy to create an online space for your side hustle ideas—no technical website building experience needed. In less than an hour, GoDaddy GoCentral can turn your hobby or passion into a profitable side hustle— So you can spend time with your family.

GoDaddy GoCentral has everything you need to take your side hustle online and to help you find an audience.   GoCentral includes:

  • Built-in email marketing and SEO tools
  • The ability to launch a Facebook page with the info from your site
  • Pre-populated, tailored, professional imagery from Getty images
  • Easy mobile website updating and viewing

Creating the Perfect Website

There are so many possibilities for building and creating the perfect website. It is so quick and easy to design a professional website that sets you and your side hustle apart from others in the business. I was amazed at how quickly that I could create my new site. From signup to publish, it only took me 45 minutes!

GoDaddy dashboard

What is great is how easy it is to change and personalize the website themes, colors, stock photos, add pages, and even add sections to the pages. One of the things I really appreciated about the GoCentral dashboard is how easy it was to add specialized sections to different pages like a “Subscribe” box, “About Me” section, a “Contact” form, and a price list of services.

GoDaddy GoCentral Email

Additionally, there is also a section for reaching my subscribers with powerful and simple email marketing tools. This is something that I struggle with on my blog but GoDaddy has integrated it into the website building process.

Do you have an ecommerce business? You’re going to LOVE the GoCentral online storefront. With just a click of the mouse, you can open and start advertising items in your store. No widgets to download, no coding required.

Bring your dream of a profitable hobby or passion side hustle to life with the GoDaddy’s NEW easy-to-use website builder. What are you waiting for? Try GoDaddy GoCentral for free today—no credit card required.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. I would love to try Freelance writing out! Would you be able to tell me some of the Freelance companies you started writing for? It’s hard to tell legitimate offers! Thank you!

  2. I’m very interested in starting a blog and as an herbalist who makes a lot of products (for fun right now) and wants to start selling, how do you drive people to your website?

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