Goal Setting: Weight Loss

It is so natural as a parent to tell yourself that we’ll set a new goal or take on a new endeavor that we have always dreamed. However, what happens when this errand takes longer than we’d considered? Our inspiration begins to vanish, and frequently we just abandon the thought entirely. It unquestionably can be… Read More Goal Setting: Weight Loss

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Paleo Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

*This article was originally published on and contains affiliate links When the heat is on, there’s nothing better than enjoying a big scoop of ice cream. Here’s a cool summertime treat that Paleo eaters can enjoy featuring frozen, honey-sweetened coconut cream between two buttery, pecan-studded shortbread cookies. Be sure to watch the video—there’s a… Read More Paleo Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

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How to Raise Confident, Creative, and Curious Kids

We all wish that our kids live a life of happiness to enjoy every moment by living life as an adventure. Some parents even wish their children a life lived courageously by using creative thinking to solve problems.  Whatever the dreams you have for your kids, imagination, creativity, inquisitiveness, and self-confidence play an important part… Read More How to Raise Confident, Creative, and Curious Kids