The Gentle Week: Week 11

Avon 39 training week 11Happy Sunday, everyone! This is week 11. This week was gentler on the joints and miles than previous weeks. Thank goodness too because starting next week, the miles are going to really increase. This upcoming week I will be walking 16 miles and 8 miles on my endurance days. This makes me a little nervous, but I am ready for it. I have been training hard and eating well.

I am also still working toward increasing my fundraising. I have taken to selling things on online yard sale sites and collecting cans to increase my amount. I have committed to donate anything that I receive from these means to my Avon 39.  But, I am still taking donations as well. If you have not donated to my cause yet, please donate NOW: http://info.avon39.org/goto/cbbhattacharya.

This week I also finished the audiobook IT by Stephen King. I am just beside myself with how good of a storyteller that he is. There were some points of the story that had me truly on edge…this is interesting when you are walking. I will say, there are certain places around town that I will never be able to look at now without thinking about IT. Haha! I really do look forward to listening to more Stephen King audiobooks to get me through my training. Thank you, Mr. King, for your amazing story telling abilities. I wish I could be just a fraction of the writer that you are!

Thank you for reading this update. I apologize that this update is shorter than the previous week’s updates, but I am exhausted. I’m going to relax and rest the remainder of this weekend in preparation for my big week of walking. Woohoo! Talk to you all next weekend! Ciao!

Listening to: Audiobook-  IT by Stephen King

Total Mileage:  24.23 miles

Total training time: 10 hrs 17 mins

  • Sunday, April 30: 8 miles
  • Monday, May 1: REST
  • Tuesday, May 2: 3.06 miles FAST
  • Wednesday, May 3: 150 mins Crosstraining/Yard work
  • Thursday, May 4: 4.01 miles Moderate
  • Friday, May 5: 6.01 miles
  • Saturday, May 6: 3.10 miles

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