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Review of the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide

Review of the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness GuideThank you BodyBoss for sponsoring this post.

OMG have you heard about the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide? Keep reading to find out more.

I’m addicted to endurance events, and everyone knows it. First, I trained for and walked a half marathon while I was pregnant last year, then I trained for and walked in the Avon 39 this year, now I am training for a half marathon that I will run in January 2018. When I started my endurance journey, I quickly realized the reason that I loved it so much is because there is a clear plan laid out for me. Every day of training is a different workout. Whether it is mileage, time, or cross training, it is all laid out for me.

I’ve really enjoyed changing up and finding new activities to perform on my cross-training days. Recently I’ve been considering functional activities to build beautiful muscle and burn fat faster. With so many fitness guides available, I was so excited when I was contacted to sample and review the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide.

What is BodyBoss?

BodyBoss is a 12-week step by step fitness program with five workouts per week with some HIIT (high-intensity interval training workouts) and some cardio—to get your body in shape quickly. As I have written before, HIIT circuits are great for endurance and power training together with fat burning.

The program is broken into four distinct cycles of three weeks each designed to help you reach your peak performance, power, fitness, and fat burning. If you are new to working out, the guide includes a four-week pre-training cycle you can use before jumping into the 12-week program. 

BodyBoss method

Minimal equipment is required so you can use the guide anywhere— in your backyard, in a hotel room, in the park or even in your bedroom. Each session is about 24 to 45 minutes and includes a warm-up and cool down to help you safely ease into and out of each workout.

What I LoveBodyBoss2 Ultimate Body Fitness Guide

  • Structure. I love the way the program is structured. BodyBoss is designed for busy women like you and me to help us reach the best results in the shortest amount of time (4 cycles of 3 weeks).
  • Clear exercises. All the exercises are presented clearly and the circuits are exciting and engaging. They include stretching— something I don’t do enough of— in the warm up and cool down. Plus, the way the program is set up, I can continue my half marathon training concurrently since there are dedicated days for cardio workouts (my running days).
  • Great for newbies. It’s perfect for all fitness levels. If you are just getting started with exercising, this guide will walk you through a well-designed workout program that is easy to follow.
  • Glossary. There’s a glossary of exercises in the back that shows you exactly how to perform each move.
  • Modifications. Any of the exercises can be modified to fit your current level of fitness.

What Could Be Improved

Device locking. With the digital guide, I had to change my lock screen settings to prevent it from locking during my workout.

Timing. You need a timer/clock to complete the sets to stay on point with the routine. The program instructs you how many repetitions you should do with each move (about 4-6 moves per round) and gives you 7 minutes to complete the set.

Print option. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with the digital version, like when it is super sunny outside and it is hard to see my iPad screen due to glare. But, there is no way (that I could find) to print out the manual.

How to Get the BodyBoss

Go to official BodyBoss website HERE. When purchasing the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide, you can choose from a print ($65.90) or digital edition ($49.50) allowing you to have your workouts in an easy-to-follow book or on your phone/device. For a limited time, you can get Online + Print edition for $65.90!

My Thoughts

I was gifted the digital edition of the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide and I will say that I am more of a book girl than a digital girl. But some people like the flexibility of using the digital version vs lugging around a book.

bodyboss routineSo far, the BodyBoss workouts have easily fit into my busy schedule and can be performed anywhere (my garage and backyard have been turned into my fitness studios). I have really toned up my hips and core with this workout program. And $65 for four FULL months of flexible workouts and stretches (pre-training + 12-week program) it is more cost efficient than going to the gym.

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get quick results in lean muscle mass and overall shape without spending a lot of time or money to get it.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of RevInfluence and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.