Free Reading Journal Printable

Free Reading Journal

Hi all! The school year is upon us and I have super exciting news. We decided this year to homeschool our five year old and four year old!

They both were in the same preschool “homeschool” together and did terrific in the smaller learning environment. So much so that they both excelled past their current grades. Since the four year old doesn’t qualify for transitional kindergarten (TK) or kindergarten this year and we want the five year old to feel free to excel at his own (if not accelerated) pace, it only made sense to homeschool.

While searching for curriculum, I came across a lot of fun and educational homeschool printable resources. Since they were not exactly what I needed, I was inspired to create my own printable worksheets to suit our needs to inspire fun and motivate learning. 

Reading Journal

I needed a reading journal for my little guys to be able to review the stories they had just read. I decided to create this awesome reading journal that allows the kids to recall the characters, setting, and events in the story as well as remarking on how the story made them feel. I also created a reading log to track each story that was read. 

Now I’m sharing this with other homeschool and traditional schooling families to help inspire the love of reading in your little ones. 

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Get your Free Reading Journal for PreK and Kindergarten Readers HERE.