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Elliptical Intervals: 40 Minute Fat Burning Workout

40 minute fat burning elliptical workout The elliptical machine is a staple in most gyms – in fact, most gyms have more of this type of equipment than any other cardio machine. When I was getting ready to enlist in the Air Force way back in 1999, I use to go up to my small neighborhood workout room conveniently. While there were a few pieces of cardio equipment, I was instantly drawn to the Life Fitness elliptical to get me trim and strong.

But, the elliptical isn’t just for the young. Did you know that it’s a valuable low impact cardio machine too?

The elliptical machine, when used properly, can be one of the best forms of full body cardio. You can get your heart rates up by doing sprints, work on just your legs, mostly your arms, and target various leg and hip muscles by going forwards or backwards build strength, all while protecting your body from the stress of high impact activities like running.

The elliptical comes in many shapes and sizes with all of them allowing for changes in intensity for a full body workout without placing too much stress on your knees and back.

We’ve all seen gym-goers that make using the elliptical easy but, there is a clear distinction between them and the fat burning workout you’re going to be doing on this bike. Don’t waste your time and energy watching tv or reading your email and working without resistance.  You won’t see results. What’s the point?

Whether you are using the elliptical in the gym or at home, the idea is to get a great workout in very little time spend so you can get back to your life. This cardio workout can do that.


  • Place your feet in a comfortable standing position on the foot pedals— about shoulder width apart.
  • If your machine has adjustable stride length, adjust to your specification so that your legs move comfortable and do not fully extended during the pedaling.
  • If you feel like your feet are reaching with each stride, move your feet forward on the foot pedals.
  • Gently place your hands on the moveable arm– never hold onto the console – this can cause bad posture and is not good for the machine.
  • Focus on keeping your back straight, not slouching during pedaling.
  • Don’t lift your feet off the elliptical during pedaling motion—perform a rolling motion from the balls of your feet to your heels.
  • Always keep water with you and remember to warm up and cool down with any cardio interval workouts. Your heart needs time to prepare to work and to slow down at the end.

Here is my favorite elliptical interval workout. It is powerful and will it will work your entire body in only 40 minutes! Let me know what you think.

HIIT elliptical workout

Always check with your doctor before starting any aerobic exercise program.

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