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Homemade Gripe Water

  When my son was 6 week old, a visitor came to our house. This visitor was intrusive, uninvited, and irritated my son beyond belief. Nothing we did would make this visitor leave. I’m talking about the dreaded colic. Colic was a condition I didn’t deal with when my daughter was a baby. But, boy did… Read More Homemade Gripe Water

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Dear Baby

Dear baby: I don’t care that I’m not as fit at 4 month pp as I was at 39 weeks pregnant. I don’t care that I’m gaining weight instead of losing since having you.  I don’t care that my clothes don’t fit and I probably won’t have anything to wear soon. I don’t care that… Read More Dear Baby

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10 Must-Have Foods for New Moms

Your new bundle of joy has arrived! Congratulations. After pregnancy, new moms tend to have new responsibilities. Not only do you have to shoulder your own personal and professional responsibilities but also the responsibilities of your newborn.

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Get Free Baby Items with Amazon Welcome Box

Check out this HOT freebie for new parents! You can score yourself a FREE Amazon Baby Welcome Box in just 10 minutes by creating a new Baby Registry on Amazon. Then, spend just $10 on any one registry item and request your free baby box as soon as your order ships—it’s that simple.

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How To Get Kids to Fall In Love With Outdoor Activites

With computer, video games, and TV shows created to entice kids’ attention, our children are spending progressively more time indoors and far less time outdoors than previous generations. If you’re like most parents, this can be a cause of unease and worry. Most of these indoor activities require very little physical activity adding to the… Read More How To Get Kids to Fall In Love With Outdoor Activites