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Keto Buns

On January first, I restarted the Keto Diet. As many of you know, I was on the ketogenic diet for over nine months. It is and remains the best eating plan that I have ever been on. Not only did I lose TONS of weight, it also gave me ample energy to train for and… Read More Keto Buns


Low Carb Turkey Soup

Got leftover turkey? You might after Thanksgiving. Say goodbye to endless turkey sandwiches and HELLO to this insanely easy (and delicious) low carb turkey soup. Every Thanksgiving I am convinced we are not going to have enough turkey. And every Thanksgiving there is so much leftover turkey that we end up eating it for a… Read More Low Carb Turkey Soup

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Unicorn Frappe Recipe

*This article was originally published on and contains affiliate links. If you’re a fan of the unicorn food craze—and who doesn’t get even a little excited by pretty hues, glitter, and sprinkles? We’ve got a healthy take on a beautiful blended drink that’s perfect for summer. Our recipe uses sweet strawberries to create a natural… Read More Unicorn Frappe Recipe

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Keto Pizza Dough

Many people grow up loving foods containing refined carbohydrates, and when it’s not a problem, we are delightfully oblivious to how many of the everyday food that we eat contain refined carbohydrate. When I was younger, I would often find myself feeling miserable after a high carbohydrate meal. Headaches, bloating, mood changes, and weight gain… Read More Keto Pizza Dough